Power Washer Spray Nozzle

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Nozzle Variant: Nozzle Up + 2 Extension Wands
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Have the benefits of a professional car wash in your own home

Why do we need Power Washer Spray Nozzle? 

Carwashing does not need to be expensive or tedious. I know some of us do our own carwashing at home to avoid large bills. 

But what our own DIY carwashing does to our car is not totally cleaning it. We unknowingly damage the paint job of our car because haphazardous sponging or cleaning. 

To avoid the unintentional scratching and occasional expensive trip to the carwash centers you should have your own Power Washer Spray Nozzle. 

Power Washer Spray Nozzle gives you the benefit of a professional thorough car wash without emptying your wallets. 

Why buy our Power Washer Spray Nozzle? 

You don't need to crawl down to clean under chassis. With this spray nozzle, there is no need to bend and crawl to reach and clean the under chassis of your vehicle, just plug into your power washer and easy slide in and out.

Cleans mud and grime. The nozzle works perfectly with your power washer, with 1/4 inch male plug, easy to connect and release for easy cleaning.

Very convenient to use. This spray nozzle is very easy and makes your vehicle cleaning more efficient, there is no need to kneel or crawl just to reach the under chassis of your vehicle.

Our Power Washer Spray Nozzle also gives you the choice of having 2 wands for your convenience and benefit. So, it won't hurt your back and you won't have to bend over just to reach the underside of your car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: What is the purpose of this nozzle?
Answer: This nozzle helps you clean and avoid crawling under a vehicle. Clean road grime, oil and fuel contaminants under cars, trucks, SUVs. The under chassis cleaner nozzle compatible with a hot and cold water power washer.

Question: Can it be connected to the water supply directly?
Answer: This nozzle needs to be connected to a PSI machine. It has a 1/4 inch male plug, easy to connect and release to the PSI machine.

Question: Is there a suggested water pressure or PSI?
Answer: The nozzle works from 800 PSI to 4000 PSI. It is recommended to use at 2500 PSI or higher to get the best performance of the spray nozzle.

Question: Is the nozzle durable?
Answer: The nozzle is built with high-quality aluminum, and it has two (2) durable universal wheels for convenient use, easy slide in and slides out to clean the dirt and grimes under the vehicle.

Question: What's the difference between Nozzle Up & Nozzle Down?
Answer: Nozzle Up is an under car chassis nozzle, mainly used and effective in cleaning underneath your vehicle. Nozzle Down is a road spray nozzle, this nozzle is effective on cleaning and removing mud and grimes on the road, pathway, or driveway.

Package Inclusion Per Variant:

A. Nozzle Up + 2 Extension Wands
1 x Spray Nozzle Up
2 x Extension Wands

B. Nozzle Down + 2 Extension Wands
1 x Nozzle Down
2 x Extension Wands

 Note: PSI Machine is NOT included.

No more heart-wrenching bills or tedious manual car wash. Now you can do it easily but very thoroughly with Power Washer Spray Nozzle.

Look forward to see your car's underside as tidy as this!

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