Making “Work from Home” Too Simple

2SimpleAgency is dedicated to improving the experience of working from home. We provide products that are designed for comfort and convenience without compromising on quality.

From the smallest factors - like your caster wheels - to stands, desks, and chairs. We want you to have the perfect Home Office environment possible. This is why everything about 2simpleagency is made to satisfy: Easy to navigate website, top-notch customer service, excellent shipping process, and reliable products. Because we know that these make happy customers and happy customers make productive employees.


The Agency

With an experienced and professional eCommerce team working behind the scenes to guarantee customer satisfaction, 2SimpleAgency provides service, unlike any other online store you’ve encountered before.

Our products are chosen and designed according to the advice of home office specialists, who are supported by seasoned web designers to give you an easy-to-access layout of what we can offer. Finally, our Customer Support team is eager to help you and hear your feedback about our products and services, because our customers are the most important part of our team.


Combining Home Comfort and Office Utility

The people behind 2SimpleAgency know the many struggles of working from home. Not having a space that’s made to suit your working needs can affect your performance and make jobs feel unsatisfying.

With the surge of Home office setups and work-from-home positions, we want to provide the best options for employees without having to go through confusing processes or overblown prices. We don’t just want to make shopping simple, we want it to be too simple.