Magnetic Welding Centering Head

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Get Effective Pipe Marking!

“I’ve always used a basic center finder you buy at Home Depot or lowes, marked out, and punched with a punch set, but getting this skips all the steps! Find your center or the angle you need, and punch it all in one! I highly recommend it.” - Edward F.

Why Buy Our Magnetic Welding Centering Head?

RELIABLE: This tool is used to quickly establish and mark a centerline at any angle around the circumference of a pipe or tank. It has a "Y" shaped body design with a 2-1/2° increment degree dial that turns 360° and a built-in vial for leveling the tool at various angles. Its hardened center punch marks your set position by tapping it with a hammer. 

VERSATILE: It is machined from quality aluminum material and then anodized for lasting protection. The magnets in the legs will free up your hands for a safer and more accurate layout mark. Great for establishing angles and marks for butt-ins, locating points inside pipes and tanks, laying out keyways, and measuring declivity.


  • Suitable for pipes 1” and larger.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What size diameter does this magnetic centering head work with?

A: From 1-1/2" to 6" diameter.

Q: Will this work on 1-1/2" OD stainless tubing?

A: Yes


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