Folding Security Door Stopper

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Level Up Your Home Security In Seconds!

“I live alone in a rental house, so I needed little extra security at night. I purchased one for the front and one for the back door. The quality is very good. I had a friend that tested them by trying to get in the front and back door. There was no movement at all. Excellent purchase!” - Joana Harris

Why Buy Our Folding Security Door Stopper?

RELIABLE: This security bar has a dual-function design that can prevent any forced entry both into your hinged and sliding doors, easily and quickly enhancing the overall security of your house. Simply unfold, adjust the length of the bar, and securely put it in place. No tools are needed!

ADJUSTABLE: It is fully adjustable from 25-1/2 inches to 43-1/2 inches, great for various hinged and sliding doors. It has a flexible handle strap for convenient storage and pivoting rubber grips for a secure hold without scratching or damaging your floors. 

HEAVY DUTY: It is made of heavy-duty 20 gauge steel, ensuring it can withstand different strengths caused by forced entry. It also features a foldable design, making it compact and portable. Perfect for your home, apartment, garage, and more.


  • It is great for hardwood, vinyl, tile, concrete, and carpet flooring, but we recommend you refrain from using it on a mat or rug. 
  • How to install on hinged doors:
    • Measure the distance from the center of the doorknob to the floor to identify knob height. Unfold the security bar and position the yoke under the doorknob.
    • Remove pins to adjust the length of the security bar. For optimum security, adjusts the top and bottom sections evenly. Re-insert pins to secure.
    • Position padded foot distanced from door based on knob height. Test if securely placed, and you’re done!
  • How to install on sliding doors:
    • Remove the head of the security bar by releasing the pins. 
    • Unfold it and adjusts the length to fit in the door.
    • Place it horizontally and test if it’s securely placed.

📋Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can it be used on a carpeted floor?

A: Yes

Q: Will this work on my French door with a lever instead of a handle?

A: Yes

Q: Is this good for a screen door? 

A: No, it works best on hinged and sliding doors.


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