Solve Your Work From Home Problems

There is a 60% chance that if you are reading this, you are probably working from home.

The onslaught of the pandemic has brought an inevitable change in the international professional world: shifting from office to remote work. This might sound appealing at first because your travel to the office would just be pretty much walking from your room to your work area (or staying in your bed and just getting your laptop); your work clothes are your pajamas, and you can eat whenever you want in the middle of your shift!

However, believe it or not, there are still some problems experienced by people who work remotely. Yes, the number one is over-eating but there are plenty more...


  • Setting Up a Workstation

  • It is really hard to set up a decent workstation at home. There could be kids bugging you, neighbors shouting during your call conference, noisy pets, nosey roommates asking what you’re doing, and insufficient space for all your office equipment.

    The solution to this problem depends on your patience as it is a trial and error thing. But for starters, you can try a dual monitor desk mount and a noise-canceling headset. 

  • Oversleeping

  • It is definitely easy to oversleep when you only need seconds to get back to work. Aside from this, sitting for a long period of time can really induce sleepiness. What makes everything worse is that it is tempting to snatch some nap time when your boss won’t be able to notice you. 

    This is why keeping a smart digital alarm clock is necessary from wfh setting. Never be late in clocking in and snatch a power nap in the middle of your shift without messing with your daily schedule!

  • Exhaustion

  • This one might confuse you, why do I feel tired while I haven’t been doing anything except for sitting in my caster wheel office chair in front of my computer? You confuse tiredness with exhaustion. Exhaustion is mostly triggered by improper blood circulation, therefore affecting the flow of oxygen in your body.

    No, the answer is not snacks. Every 2 hours during your shift, try standing up and pacing around your room for a couple of minutes. It is also better if you include some simple stretching to get your blood flowing.


  • Back pain

  • Sitting for long periods of time can really induce back pain. It can affect your overall posture during the long run. The bad thing is, you might never notice it at all because you’ve been used to the pain and you don’t go out that much for people to notice your posture.

    Prevent having back pains and developing bad posture with a posture assistant foam in your chair. Items like these come really cheap but they are actually life-saving.

  • Caffeine Overload

  • No. You don’t need another cup of coffee. Statistics show that 50% of Americans over 18 years of age drink coffee every day. This is quite alarming as it is proven to cause insomnia, nervousness and restlessness. Neither of these three is good for your work productivity.

    Try replacing coffee with an apple. It might not have caffeine, but it has 13 grams of fructose sugar which can really spike up your energy.

    And just for the stubborn ones, you probably need a water-resistant couch cover in case you still stick with your coffee… and spill it!

  • Identity Theft

  • With everything now turning digital, it is a lot easier for the hackers to get into your bank accounts and use your identity for other malevolent activities. 

    Avoid problems like these by not giving your bank account details easily. Always remember that even your boss doesn’t need to know your pin number or passcode. A data protection roller can also come in handy if you throw bank transaction receipts.

    Saw something on the list that you’re experiencing right now? It’s okay, we’ve also been there at least once. Instead of worrying about, find solutions for your work from home blues. Hopefully, you solve all of them and get a more comfortable working routine. 

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