How To: Find the Caster Wheels that Fit Your Chair!

Get Rolling Like Never Before!

As you shop for the perfect office chair, you are probably busy deciding between what type of leather to get or whether you should jump on the ergonomic chair bandwagon.

Chances are that you havenโ€™t given much thought to the less glamorous parts of office chairs, such as the casters. After all, how many different casters could there possibly be?

The answer: plenty. With that in mind, we have compiled all the information you need to know about office chair casters into one convenient reference guide.

What are Casters?

Essentially, a caster is a wheeled device that is mounted to the bottom of each chair leg and allows the chair to easily move and roll.

The basic components of any caster include the mount, stem and wheel. There may be additional parts depending on the type of caster and its intended use.

What are the benefits of Casters?

  • Smoother Motion: Caster Wheels are designed to roll smoothly thanks to the rubber and steel construction, compared to regular plastic wheels
  • Non-Damaging:ย The rubber base doesn't cause scratches on hardwood, tiles and other kinds of floors.
  • Keeps Clean:ย The rollerblade caster design doesn't accumulate dust, hair or fur. So they don't get stuck and last a long time.

    How To Find The Caster For You

    To ensure the stem of your new locking caster wheels fit your chair, the most important measurement to check is the size of the stem in terms of its diameter.

    Most office chairs use standard sized stem fitting that measure 7/16โ€ณ in diameter, or 11 mm.

    The second most common stem diameter size is 3/8โ€ณ. This can be found on some Ikea office chairs

    As mentioned, the caster wheels on most office chairs have a stem diameter of 7/16โ€ณ. This means that any new caster wheels with this stem diameter should fit your office chair just fine.

    If you want to be safe however, you can always measure the stem diameter of the caster wheels on your office chair yourself to double check its size.

    The quick and dirty way to do this is just to remove one caster wheel from your chair, and wrap a stripe of paperย tightlyย around the stem. Using a pencil, mark offย exactlyย the point just before the paper begins to overlap. Then measure the length from the tip of the paper to the marker point.ย This is the length of the circumference of the stem.

    Recall that the diameter of a circle is calculated using:

    diameter = circumference / PI (3.14)

    Doing a little reverse math then, this means if the circumference you calculated is:

    • 1 3/8โ€ณ: It means your caster diameter is the standard 7/16โ€ณ size
    • 1 3/16โ€ณ: It means your caster diameter is the less conventional 3/8โ€ณ

    So now that you know all that there is to know about casters, time to get some and get rolling! Why stay stuck to your old, worn out wheels when you can roll smooth by upgrading to Caster Office Chair Wheels!

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