Golf Club Cleaner

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Golf Club Cleaner

Have you noticed that your golf clubs are performing poorly?

That may be due to two reasons: dirt and grime.

Cleaning golf clubs can be bothering but now you can just brush away the dirt. You don’t have to wash or wipe them anymore.

Golf Club Cleaner have an ergonomic handle that provides an outstanding grip and is extremely durable with proven strength. This tiny cleaning brush is must-have for the golf enthusiast.

Features of the Golf Club Cleaner

Keep your golf clubs clean

Due to being extremely sharp, the bristles can successfully pick even the most stubborn dirt, ensuring that your golf clubs will be performing at their best each and every time.

High Quality Bristles

With wire bristles for irons and nylon bristles for woods, this brush delivers the most thorough cleaning of your golf clubs in minutes. 

Groove Pick

Groove pick for stubborn dirt and grime in grooves. 

Retractable zip-liner

The retractable zip-liner carabiner can be expanded up to 2 feet, allowing golfers to attach the brush to their golf bags for easy storage and fast access.

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