Wrench Extender Adaptor

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Extend and Reach Tight Spaces Easily

“It works great. I've been using it a lot since I got to break loose jam nuts on forklift lift chains. This is far more effective and versatile.”
- Ryan M.

Why Buy Our Wrench Extender Adaptor?

✅ EFFICIENT: It's made to give you more leverage on tight nuts and bolts by extending your wrench with another wrench or power bar. Great for hard-to-reach and tight areas.

✅ DURABLE: It has a drop forged body with heat treatment and it features a 1/2" drive or 21 mm hex drive.

UNIVERSAL: This adapter is compatible with all kinds of wrenches.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the main purpose of this tool?

A: It's made to extend wrenches by using another wrench to increase leverage.

Q: Will it tighten or is it only designed to loosen?

A: It does both simply place it on the opposite side of the wrench.


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