Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Size: 4 Sensors
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Monitor, Adjust, & Set Your Tires’ Condition With Ease!

Our camper tire lost pressure on the way to the beach just a couple of weeks ago. We were alerted by the TPMS while it still had air in it and had time to pull over and get it changed before any real damage was done. Well worth the money spent.” - Theo L.

Why Buy Our Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System?

CONVENIENT: The TPMS is equipped with high-end external sensors. It has two monitoring modes that can switch according to different road conditions and have two ways to connect sensors indefinitely (inflate code learning and touch code learning). It can also monitor a distance of up to 36ft and scan the tire pressure of 8, 4, or 6 main tires and 2 spare tires at most to protect your driving safety.

RELIABLE: It has multiple charging methods that support USB charging, solar charging, and cigarette lighter charging to ensure that the TPMS can work continuously. It also features 5 different alarm modes to remind you of the abnormal situation with visible and audible alerts (LED flashlight and warning beep). 

EFFICIENT: Features a high-end HD LCD with 2 lighting levels, which would adjust the brightness automatically depending on the situation. It can also display 8 tires at a time, including the temperature (℉/℃) and pressure (PSI/BAR). The TPMS will automatically enter the power-saving mode after 10 minutes of parking or when the monitor power is low. 

HIGH-QUALITY: This TPMS is made of high-quality material with high accuracy in sensing tire pressure and has a low power consumption that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Suitable to use in most types of 4-10 wheel vehicles.


  • Tire pressure will continuously transfer to the monitor even in sleeping mode.
  • The package does not include the repeater.
  • 5 alarm modes: fast tire leak alarm, high/low-pressure alarm (you would set high/low-pressure alarm thresholds by axle), high-temperature alarm, display low battery alarm, and sensor data loss alarm
  • Press any key or start the car to awaken the monitor, feel free to check for the real-time tire data while the car is stationary. 
  • For the vehicle using the repeater, starting the car allows the monitor to receive the back tire data.
  • Please follow the user guide when using the TPMS.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to turn this on?

A: Press "set" and "+" at the same time for at least 1 second to power on, and press "set" and "-" at the same time for at least 1 second to power off.

Q: After towing for about an hour, all of my trailer sensors go blank. Then in about another half hour, one or two will come back on. Any ideas?

A: It is strongly recommended to use a repeater if you use this TPMS on a trailer.

Q: Does the monitor solar charge when it is turned off?

A: Yes, it does charge and maintain memory with the onboard solar panel and reconnects when it senses movement.


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