Wireless Relay Remote Switch

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Easily & Remotely Control The Switch On Your Appliances!

“I installed this as a remote connection to start my dust collector in my garage. The connection is consistent, as is the operation of the remote. The unit catches the signal from the remote across the garage without any issues (25+ feet). I’m very satisfied with this switch, I’m glad I bought it!” - Richard P.

Why Buy Our Wireless Relay Remote Switch?

HIGH POWER: This wireless switch can make it easier to turn on or off most of your electrical appliances anywhere without going to the breaker switch. Its receiver can withstand a current of 30A, which can load high-power electrical appliances to ensure long-term stability control.

EFFICIENT: It has a strong signal as it adopts RF technology, which can pass through walls, floors, and doors. So, you can control the receiver from any place within a reliable distance of up to 328ft with no obstacle. Each receiver can store about 20 transmitters and one transmitter can control multiple receivers for convenient use. 

WIDE APPLICATION: The wireless switch can be used in homes, farms, factories, offices, laboratories, supermarkets, and more. You can remotely operate every device connected to the relay receiver through the remote control, such as lights, pumps, electric doors, fans, lamps, gates, ventilation devices, and others.


  • The transmitter needs to match with the receiver for it to operate properly.
  • The receiver is suitable for AC100-AC240V voltage.
  • The live wire and the neutral wire need to be connected to the remote-control switch.
  • To get a clear and better signal you can stretch the antenna that is built-in in the receiver.
    • To pair a new controller or transmitter to the receiver, press the button on the receiver 3 times, then press the “ON” once and the “OFF” button to finish the pairing.
    • To clear the memory or reset, press the button on the receiver 8 times. (This is recommended when you are having problems when you pair a new controller)

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: My remote control won’t work after some time. What should I do? 

A: Press the remote control once. If the red light on the remote control didn’t blink, please replace the remote-control battery (cr2016 3V).

Q: Will this work on a 3-phase fume extractor?

A: No, this is a single-phase switch.