Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

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Go for ergonomic, go for convenient! 🖱🙌

Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

“I absolutely love this! It relieves so much tension when using the mouse, I now rarely experience straining in my hands. The DPI button is also very convenient.”

- Alexander P.

Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

How Can This Give Comfort? 💯

✅  ERGONOMIC: It features a right-handed ergonomic vertical design, promoting natural hand posture while using the mouse for comfortable long use. It also includes 6 quick-access buttons for more productivity.

Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

✅  WIRELESS: This ergonomic mouse features a wireless 2.4GHz connection, providing 10 meters of operation range. It comes with a nano USB receiver with a storage compartment.

Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

✅  3 DPI LEVELS: Its DPI (mouse sensitivity) has 3 levels: 800, 1200 (default), and 1600. It can be changed/adjusted through the DPI button on the mouse.

Wireless Ergonomic Mouse with 3 DPI levels

✅  POWER-SAVING: It has a built-in on/off switch button and a power-saving function. It’s powered by 2 AAA batteries.


Built in on/off switch button

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this good for gaming?

A: Yes! The DPI (mouse sensitivity) has three (3) levels, so you can choose between the 3 which sensitivity is perfect for you. You can change the levels through the DPI control button on the mouse.

Q: Can this also be used by left-handed people?

A: The mouse is designed with a right-handed orientation, so we recommend it for right-handed users.


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