Wireless Air Compressor System

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Automatically Inflate & Deflate Your Air Spring System!

"I Installed this on my 2018 Silverado 1500 Z71 after buying our new 34’ travel trailer. Before purchasing, some slight sway issues when fully loaded with weight distribution hitch, but after installation no sway issues at all. On board, the compressor is great for adjusting to different tongue weights on the fly. Highly recommend this set!- Troy E.

Why Buy Our Wireless Air Compressor System?

✅WIRELESS: With the included handheld controller and new wireless app, you can automatically inflate and deflate your air spring. It requires only an electrical connection to the battery to function properly, with no air line or wiring needed to be routed through the cab of the vehicle and no need to tap into the ignition wire. Once installed, the system allows you to quickly and easily adjust the air pressure in the air springs to accommodate the changes in the vehicle's load.

✅CONVENIENT: This system features a wireless handheld controller that is programmable with up to three user-defined presets and has a free IOS and android mobile app that easily connects with the Bluetooth-enabled manifold. It also has advanced diagnostics that can quickly detect and notify users of any air leaks and will maintain the air pressure required within the springs, ensuring prolonged air spring life. 

✅EFFICIENT: The compressor system is a single-path system, meaning the manifold has one outlet core that controls a set of air springs simultaneously. Through the use of a compact 100 PSI air compressor, the system pumps out 0.92 CFM at 15% duty and connects effortlessly to the pre-assembled wiring harness.


  • Place the compressor in a dry and protected area on the vehicle. Direct splash or excessive moisture can damage the compressor and cause system failure.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this maintain, say 20 lbs, or does it only automatically kick on when the pressure drops to 5lbs?

A: Yes, it will hold at the settings you choose. The default is 5 lbs when the air system is not needed.

Q: Can I air up tires with this compressor?

A: It is not recommended to use the compressor system to air up your tires. This compressor is not designed for inflating tires and would only work on air springs. 


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