Wire Tensioner (Set of 20)

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Less Intensive Fencing!

"Never used this before and my wife and I installed 1900 feet of post and fence. These things are SO EASY to install and can even be reused by cutting the wire and pushing it through to install another wire. Would DEFINITELY recommend it. VERY Strong.- William Santini

Why Buy Our Wire Tensioner?

✅FASTER: The Wire Tensioner repairs broken fence lines and even joins fence wiring for those who want to create their own fence whether it be trellising or fencing. It is faster than the traditional method of having to tie and knot the wires yourself and requires less intensive labor, making you available for more important tasks.

✅STRONG: It has a maximum load capacity of 880 pounds which is more than enough for the professional workload of a farmer or construction laborer who may need the assistance of this tool. It also has a high-grade ceramic roller that is resistant to corrosion.

✅VARIED: It is rated for wires of 14 to 10 SWG wire gauge or 15.5 ga barbed wire, plain, field, or electric. This is a good happy medium for those who want to work on home projects and those who partake in professional work.

✅LESS MAINTENANCE: It is easily adjustable and re-tensioned year after year. Meaning this requires less maintenance than having it fail on you and having to buy a new one or having to reinstall you're fencing all over again. You merely have to adjust its tension year after year.


  • Trim excess wire with Wire Cutters, leaving at least 75 mm tail wire to enable re-tensioning.
  • Reposition before applying tension using a Setting Key
  • Remove sufficient verticals prior to installation.
  • Apply and re-apply tension with a tensioning tool.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can it be used for trellising?

A: Yes, this product can be used for trellising.

Q: Can this be used on a coated wire?

A: It can be used for coated wires, as long as you remove the insulation first.


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