Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

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Size: 12x18 inches
Color: Black
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Why do you need the Waterproof Cat Litter Mat?

Having pets is fun, amusing and definitely… messy! Even our most behaved kitty can’t help scattering litter all over the floor. After all, their sense of “cleanliness” is different from ours.

So instead of getting mad or going berserk cleaning up the house all the time, why don’t you sit back, relax and save up the energy because a convenient solution for all the mess is on its way!

Introducing our Waterproof Cat Litter Mat! It traps dirt and litter when our “purr-babies” play, eat or lounge so we don’t have to deal with messy floors and carpets any longer.

Why buy our Waterproof Cat Litter Mat? 

Of course, we understand that a plain litter mat is not enough to keep up with the energetic pets and active kitties we have at home so we developed our litter mat in a way that will be very beneficial for our cats and for us, their parents. Our litter mat is made from eco-friendly EVA material which is ultra-lightweight so it will be easy for us to move around. It is also foldable so we can use it or pack it up depending on the occasion. Most importantly, our Waterproof Cat Litter Mat’s design and material is thoroughly thought of so our little buddies will not get hurt and will always stay comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

  • How does the Waterproof Cat Litter Mat work?
  • It is made with tightly meshed convex surfaces or small grooves in cellular design leading to a gap on the inside which collects the litter and dirt from our cat’s paws and body. The dirt passes through the holes (cellular design) of the litter mat but the material is soft enough for the kitties’ paws to not get hurt.   

  • Will this hold urine or water from cat’s drinks?
  • Yes, but you have to put a padding or soft cloth in the inside layer of the mat especially when we’re talking about a considerable amount of water so that the cloth will be able to absorb excess water. Remember that this is coated in waterproof design so you it can hold a small amount of water but you really can’t expect much in terms of absorbency.

  • Can dogs use this too?
  • Definitely! It will help you a lot especially when you’re dealing with highly enthusiastic puppies and dogs. You also have the option to use this as your ordinary mat too! It will help take off sand and small pebbles from shoes or feet.

  • What is the size of the litter mat?
  •  The mat’s size is 27.5” x 21.6” (70cm x 55cm)

  • Is this easy to clean?
  • Very easy! You only need to flip the litter mat and shake it a few times to get rid of the sand and other litter or vacuum clean it for faster extraction of litter or hose it down with water. You have the choice!

    Keep your efforts of tidying up to a minimum using our Waterproof Cat Litter Mat. No more mess, no more stress!

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