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Why do we need a Watermelon Cube Maker?

Watermelons are sweet, juicy fruits. They are good snacks when the sun's out or when it becomes too hot. It can quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings at the same time. Generally, they are a very beneficial fruit.

The only thing holding back the watermelon to be king of the fruit is the fact that when you want to get the flesh of the watermelon you either crush the flesh or make the wrong size or make a size too big or too small.

No bite size.

So I advise you to use something that will make your life much easier. Say, a WATERMELON CUBE MAKER.

A life-changing tool that will make your eating watermelon much more enjoyable! Very easy and super fun to use.


Because it is the most convenient thing ever invented since a sliced loaf of bread. Trust me, I know. I don’t enjoy eating watermelon because it is a messy situation but when I used this contraption, let’s just say I now eat watermelon at least three times a week.

From no watermelon to watermelon almost every day. That is how much fun and convenient this is.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Can it cut watermelon in one size of cube only?
  • No, and that’s good news! Our Watermelon Cube Maker has a dimensional design or scale marks just at the tip of the cutter below the windmill from 0 - 0.9 inches (0-2 cm) so you have the option to adjust the thickness of the cube depending on where you need it. Do you need bite-sized? Just adjust. Do you need smaller cuts for puree or smoothies? Just adjust. It’s a simple solution for your watermelon cut needs.

  • What is the material used for the product?
  • The material is made from food grade, high-quality stainless steel that will not rust and BPA-free plastic to ensure that the product will function well for its purpose while keeping your health and safety.

  • How do I clean this?
  • This product is actually dishwasher safe but an easy rinse over running water is also already enough to clean the Watermelon Cube Maker.

  • Can it cut other fruits that are the same size as the watermelon?
  • It can actually cut large round fruits and fruits with the same fleshy quality as the watermelon such as cantaloupes, honeydew, dragonfruit, and the likes without having any waste of the fruits. It’s also actually an ideal tool if you want to make a refreshing tossed fruit salad!

  • Does it require so much effort pushing through the melon using this slicer?
  • Definitely no! The Watermelon Cube Maker pushes and slices with its sharp blades easily on the meat of the melon and automatically cuts it into the size you need for salads or snacks. The only effort you’ll need is to push lightly and that’s it! You’re free to enjoy your cubed melons however you like.

    Package Includes:
    *1 Watermelon Cube Maker

    Push, scoop and eat that juicy watermelon whenever you want! Enjoy hassle-free eating of watermelon with the WATERMELON CUBE MAKER!

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