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"We have new trees that are to have 20 gal. of water each, once a week. This made it easy for my wife & I to use, accuracy is right on to a tenth of a gallon. Used to overwater, now we know just how much exactly we're watering these trees!- Jason Crawford

Why Buy Our Water Flow Meter?

✅ACCURATE: This Water Flow Meter measures your water flow meter to 1/10 gallon accuracy. It can measure in gallons or liters with four operation modes. Flow mode measures the water flow, consumption mode measures the total consumption of a single task, average mode records the average water consumption in 7 days and total mode records accumulated total water consumption up to a maximum of 9,999 gallons.

✅SIMPLE: You only need to connect this to a ¾” hose or faucet with quick connectors provided. There is a label on the flow level meter which displays which way the water should flower for the most accurate reading. The device only has one button which switches between the 4 modes with a digital LCD which makes reading the measurements easy.

✅GARDENING: With this, you can accurately track whether or not you’re watering your plants, lawn, and trees with the correct gallonage. You no longer have to do guesswork and possibly underwater or overwater your plants and harm their life.

✅SAVES YOU MONEY: With accurate tracking, you can spend fewer gallons on specific tasks such as washing your car and saving money on your water bill. This gives you the freedom to how exactly you want to adjust your water usage.

❗ Reminder ❗
  • The included battery will last 6 months
  • Orient the device correctly so the water flows congruently to the label attached to it

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the water flow rate?

A: 0.3~10.6 GPM or 1~40 L/MIN

Q: What is the working pressure of this meter?

A: 7.25~116 PSI


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