Vacuum Seal Food Cover

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Why do you need the Vacuum Seal Food Cover?

So you decided to have pizza night or barbecue night but suddenly the food was too much and you’re left wondering where to put all the leftover foods that you most probably will consume for the next three to five days.

It would have been okay if the pizza will stay crisp and the barbecue will stay tasty and fresh but no, a few hours or a day later you’ll discover that the pizza’s soggy and the barbecue’s bitter and chewy.

And you’ll think what everybody of us will surely be thinking: GROSS. So there goes all your food in the trash.

What a waste! But if you have the Vacuum Seal Food Cover, you can prolong the quality and freshness of your leftover foods and taste just like the first time it was prepared. What more, you get to enjoy a hearty meal that also saves you money.

Why buy our Vacuum Seal Food Cover?

We innovated on bringing you ergonomically-designed vacuum-tight food cover that will lessen your worries and make day to day life most convenient for you.

Our Vacuum Seal Food Cover is used just like an ordinary food cover except that it has a built-in pump that vacuum-seals bowls, plates or skillets to prolong the quality of your leftover foods for up to 3 times as long as vacuum wraps and containers.

But what’s so good about this is that it does not only save your food but saves you money spent on plastic wraps because this is reusable for a very long time. While it helps you reduce plastic waste, it also protects your health because it’s BPA-free.

It is lightweight and transparent but very durable and is microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Most importantly, it saves you space because it’s stackable and it can be used to keep the freshness of fruits and vegetables too! It’s what you need and also what you wanted in one!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

  • Who should use the Vacuum Seal Food Cover?
  • The Vacuum Seal Food Cover is for homemakers and independents alike who want to save money, save space and save the environment.

  • How does the Vacuum Seal Food Cover Work?
  • The Vacuum Seal Food Cover acts as a tight-fitting lid on plates, bowls, and skillets that doesn’t allow air to enter to its enclosed space where the food is. The pump on top of the cover is meant to release the air inside the enclosed space once the cover is placed. The cover prevents aerobic bacteria or bacteria that thrive in the air to touch the food and spoil it faster.

  • Does vacuum-tight or airtight means the food won’t spoil?
  • No. Vacuum-tight or airtight doesn’t mean the food won’t spoil because there are still certain bacteria that can thrive even without the presence of air but sealing food in vacuum-tight cover will definitely preserve the food longer and prolong its quality.

  • How to use the Vacuum Seal Food Cover?
  • You will only need to place it on top of your plates, bowls or skillets with food and lightly press the pump on top of the cover to release the air inside and voila! No more wasted food and spoilage for you!

  • What foods can be preserved by the Vacuum Seal Food Cover?
  • It can preserve cooked foods, leftover foods, salads, fruits, and vegetables.

  • When to use the Vacuum Seal Food Cover?
  • The Vacuum Seal Food Cover is useful daily in preserving foods you want to stay fresh or prolong. It can also be used for refrigerated foods you want to reheat in a microwave.

    Package Includes:
    Vacuum Seal Cover

    Preserve your food, preserve your health and preserve the environment. Use our Vacuum Seal Food Cover.