Universal Exhaust Rubber Hanger

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Size: 2-Holes
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Easily Replace Your Old & Worn-Out Exhaust Hangers!

“I used this 4-hole exhaust rubber hanger on my 1996 Lincoln Towncar. This purchase is not only a great value for a quality made product but takes the guesswork out of you not knowing the exact size needed. The multi-hole option is nice because it allows you to adjust where it works best as you install it.” - Wayne R.

Why Buy Our Universal Exhaust Rubber Hanger?

EFFICIENT: This exhaust rubber hanger is designed to suspend the exhaust pipe from the chassis while absorbing vibrations to reduce exhaust system noise and rattle. It securely holds the exhaust pipe safely above the ground and is an ideal replacement for your old or broken exhaust mount.

UNIVERSAL: The exhaust rubber hanger is compatible with most cars, trucks, jeeps, and SUVs exhaust systems that use a readily replaceable hanger system which consists of two pegs and a rubber bushing insulator mount.


DURABLE: It is made of premium high-density rubber, making it durable, anti-abrasive, and anti-high temperature. Simply remove the worn-out muffler hanger from the exhaust system, hang this new exhaust hanger on the mounting peg attached to the chassis, and hook the other end of this exhaust hanger around the mounting peg on the exhaust pipe.


  • Using some lubrication helps to install this tool hanger easily.
  • Be sure to check the size of the pegs and the distance between two pegs of your vehicle and choose the right rubber hanger that fits.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I need these for a 2004 Saab 9-3 Aero 2.0T flex pipe, will these fit?

A: This tool is a universal-hole-size hanger. Most exhaust hanger holes are the same size; as long as the length fits your pegs, then it should work. However, If you wanted to make it 101% sure, checking your car and getting the peg diameter and distance between two pegs first would be the best choice.

Q: Will it be very complicated to install?

A: It is easy to install. To make it a smooth installation, you can use some lubrication to aid you during the process.


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