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Stop Bugs, Dust, And Noise From Entering Your Home!

Bugs and dust getting in from the gap under your door? Your old draft stopper scratching your precious hardwood floors? Or maybe it’s not stopping the flood from coming into your home?

Then an Under Door Draft Stopper is what you and your home needs!

Why do you need an Under Door Draft Stopper?

No one wants to have insects and dust invading their home. But even with shut doors or windows, these things can still get inside by going into the gaps between your doors!

Having an Under Door Draft Stopper solves this problem! It’s an easy to install stopper that you stick under your door and keeps dust and insects from creeping in!

Not just that! It won’t scratch your floors or cause any noise too! Save money, time, and energy from spending on cleaners or bug exterminators! A simple but effective solution to many home problems!

Why buy our Under Door Draft Stopper?

Tight Seal: The Under Door Draft Stopper sticks flush to the floor, and keeps:

  • Dust -  Keep dust and dirt out of the home to lessen overall cleaning! Especially when most of the dirt inside the home comes through the doorway!

  • Insects - Seal gaps in the doors shut to avoid bugs from crawling underneath doors and into areas like the kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms!

  • Sounds - Enjoy a more relaxing stay at home by reducing the sound from outside and ensuring that the least noise from inside the home leaks out for privacy!

  • Water - A cheap and effective countermeasure against flooding! Helps prevent water from getting into the home!

Durable: The Silicone Construction keeps it scratch-proof, water-resistant, and durable! Making sure that you have a cheap, long-lasting door seal to count on!

Easy to Install: The Under Door Draft Stopper can be easily cut to fit the size of your door frame! You can even install it on the sides and top of your doors! Simply stick and stop!

Insulate: The Draft Stopper maintains temperature by keeping hot and cold air from blowing out of the room!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use this on the other sides of the door, specifically the top and sides?

A: Yes! The Under Door Draft Stopper can be easily stuck into any side of the door that may need sealing.

Q: Will this glide on any floor type?

A: Yes! This will smoothly glide on cement, tiles, hardwood, carpeted floors, and more!

Q: Where would this be ideal to stick on?

A: This Draft Stopper is commonly placed in areas at home like Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundry rooms, and Bedrooms.


  • Please DO NOT open and close the door high frequently within 24 hours after installed.

  • It's suggested to install the door seal on the inside of the door in winter, since it may reduce its service life if frozen with ice.

  • Please kindly note the adhesive may damage the door, it's not suggested to tear off the door seal once stickup, or be really careful if you have to.

How To Use:

  1. Measure the length of the side of the door you want to seal.

  2. Cut the same length of the draft stopper as the measured length from your door.

  3. Simply stick the strip to the bottom of your door

  4. Attach the seal strip


39" x 2"

  • Product Dimensions: 39.4 x 2 x 0.5 inches

  • Item Weight: 8.2 ounces

Package Inclusions:

39" x 2"

  • 1 x 39" x 2" Under Door Draft Stopper White


Keep dust, insects, noise, and water outside of your home! An ideal, easy to install Under Door Draft Stopper for many homeowners!

Keep the outside out! Get one NOW!

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