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Make your rings shine like new! Just like the day you said "I do"!

Is your wedding ring looking dull after all these years? Has your Jewelry collection lost its shine? Want watches that are as shiny as the day you bought them?

You can't help things from getting gunk and cruddy overtime. From wedding rings to diamonds and even eyeglasses, give them new life with this Ultrasonic cleaner!

How does Ultrasonic Cleaning work?

Ultrasonic cleaners work by producing high frequency ultrasonic waves that go through water, this causes the water to vibrate and produce microbubbles.

These vibrations and microbubbles push out and expel the smallest particles of gunk from the places that you can’t reach with a brush, giving you a true, 100% clean.

Why do you need an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

We want our things to look nice and shiny even after a long time since getting them. From wedding rings, to eyeglasses, jewelry, dentures and even automotive parts, keeping them gunk free ensures that they last, along with the memories you have of them.

But sometimes, you just don’t have the time to go to a jewelry cleaner. Or cleaning with a toothbrush and cleaning solution doesn’t get it to the 100% clean that you want.

That’s what an Ultrasonic cleaner is for, it gives DIY, effortless and chemical-free cleaning at your disposal!

Why buy our Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Versatile: Our Ultrasonic cleaner can be used with a wide variety of objects, this includes: Jewelry, gemstones, accessories, eyeglasses, silverware, gold, mirrors, glass objects, wristwatches, coins and more

Powerful: This Ultrasonic Cleaner produces a frequency of 42,000 Hz ultrasounds, giving you a truly effective cleaning experience.

Flexible: The Ultrasonic Cleaner comes with 5 cycle settings. You can choose from 90s, 180s, 280s, 380s and 480s wash times.

Large Capacity: This cleaner can accommodate multiple objects in 1 cleaning cycle as long as they fit inside the tank!

Easy to Use: Just plug, set  and turn it on. Wait for the set time to finish and you’re done!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What gems can I clean with this?
A: Here is an official list from the Gemstone Institute of America to help you identify what you cannot clean with an ultrasonic cleaner. If unsure whether your jewelry can be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner, please consult your local Jeweler.

How To Use:

  1. Plug in the 4.5ft long cable into a nearby socket.

  2. Place item/s you want to clean into the basket.

  3. Fill the ultrasonic cleaner container with more than 1 cup of water, but DO NOT go over the max line indicated. Item/s must be submerged in water.

  4. Select your wash cycle length by clicking the Set button.

  5. Press the On button to start washing.

  6. Once finished, take out the items and throw away dirtied water into the sink.

  7. Rinse and repeat for other items!

✏️For Best Results:

  • Use Warm/Hot water. Room temperature water will not get rid of all the dirt and crud.

  • Add one or two drops of normal dish washing liquid for an extreme clean.

  • If the desired result is not obtained from one wash, don’t hesitate to go for one more!

  • Brush items with a soft toothbrush afterwards to get a better shine!


  • Do not use for glasses with cracked frames or coatings as this will remove coatings.

  • Do not use continuously for 20 minutes to prolong the lifespan of your cleaner.

  • Recommended not to use on watches as it might damage the inner workings of the watch.

  • Do not use on jewelry with loose fitting gems, it might remove gems from fittings.

  • This cleaner will NOT remove the tarnish on items, it will only remove gunk.

  • It is best to let the cleaner rest for 10 minutes after each cycle.

  • Not recommended to be used for objects with gold/silver plating as it removes the plating.


  • Product Dimensions: 5.4 (L) X 3.6 (W) X 2.1 (H) inches

  • Item Weight: 2.20 pounds

  • Tank Capacity: 20oz (600ml)

  • Frequency: 42,000 Hz  

Package Inclusions:

  • Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

  • Cleaning Basket

  • Instruction Manual

To keep the things that are valuable to you as shiny and sparkly as the memories you have with them, you need an ultrasonic cleaner.

And not just any ultrasonic cleaner, this ultrasonic cleaner is the main choice for many jewelry cleaners and collectors for thorough cleaning. And now, you can get it too!

Get this ultrasonic cleaner NOW. Your rings will shine so much, you'll want to renew your vows!

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