Truck Bed Cargo Net

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Storage Solution For Your Truck!

"What a difference this net makes! I used to have to climb in the back of my truck to fetch all my groceries or other items. This keeps everything by the tailgate. Super easy to install.- Rachel A.

Why Buy Our Truck Bed Cargo Net?

✅EASY TO USE: Simply clip the hooks on the mounting points on the cargo area of your truck and you’re good to go! Makes storage hauling with your pickup truck a lot easier and a more enjoyable experience. It also reduces possible damage your stored items might incur by being loosely stored in the truck bed. When not in use you can just as easily fold the net for storage on your truck.

✅DURABLE: This is made of high-quality polyester material with a mesh net. It is 20% more durable than those in the market and is designed to be durable, wear-resistant, and weather-resistant.

✅VERSATILE: It is easy to change how you want to store your items, whether it’s near the tailgate or rear seats of your truck, just by changing the hooks and how you mount them in the cargo area.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it fit my pickup truck?

A: If your truck bed is 59” or less, then yes. Examples of cars that fit this are Chevrolet Silverado FT150, GMC

Q: Do I need to drill my car to use this product?

A: No, you just need to clip the hooks on the mounting points on the cargo area of your truck bed. 


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