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Here's your best partner in fixing up that punctured tire!

Whether it’s driving on the daily or going on a road trip, we all know the hassle of getting a punctured tire.

When you’re in this situation, you either call for a service to change your tires or tow the car away. Waiting on the side of the road or worse, the middle, is no fun for anyone.

There is a quick and cost efficient way to fix your flat. You can now fix the tire yourself!

Why do we need a Tire Puncture Repair Kit?

Tire Puncture Repair Kit is an easy and affordable way to fix your punctured tire. Getting a tire puncture by a sharp object, such as a nail, letting air escape is one of the most common problems when driving. 

This allows you to fix any tire QUICK AND EASY without removing the tire from the rim, which makes it very convenient.

A puncture isn't necessarily the end of a tire. While larger holes tend to require an actual replacement, smaller punctures can be effectively sealed with this kit, that enables you to get the process done in as little as 10 minutes. SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY from tire replacements.

It is WIDELY APPLICABLE for tubeless type of tires - for bikes, motorcycles, cars, ATV, and trucks.

Keeping a Tire Puncture Repair Kit in the trunk in case of emergency is a great idea for anyone who drives regularly.

Why buy our Tire Puncture Repair Kit?

This kit has a set of ERGONOMIC, STRONG, AND DURABLE tools that makes your fixing safer and easier.

It comes with 2 T-Handle Tools MADE FROM QUALITY METAL - An Insert tool which is used to shave out the initial hole, while Spiral robe Tool is used for inserting the string plug into the hole. This is designed for greater comfort during use, and maximum turning power.

This kit also contains String Plugs that is used to COMPLETELY SEAL the puncture. It fills the hole and blocks air from escaping out of the tire.

For EASY STORAGE, this kit comes with compact box, that has carry-handle. It is LIGHTWEIGHT that almost anyone can use it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: What is the common use of this tool?
Answer: This product is a quick repair tool of punctures for all tubeless tires on most vehicles that don’t require to remove tires from the rim, also it can be used for bicycle, motorcycle, and others with tubeless tires only.

Question: What is the use of the brown string?
Answer: The brown tire plug string is made of high-quality butyl rubber. It will vulcanize quickly then seal tire puncture tightly providing superior safety seal.

Question: Is it easy to use?
Answer: The steel reamer and insertion needle are designed with T-handle that provides a good pushing and turning power and comfort. The Tire Repair Kit makes it quick and easy to repair punctures in any tubeless tire in minutes anytime, anywhere. 

Question: Are the tools durable?
Answer: The heavy-duty insertion tool and reamer tool are made of high-quality metal that provides durability for general application. The repair kit is engineered to be durable and built to last.

Question: What is the use of the rubber solution?
Answer: The rubber solution will help to ease plug install and will provide extra leak protection for the strips for better puncture sealing.


How To Use Tire Puncture Repair Kit?

Step 1 Remove the offending object from the tire
Step 2 Using the spiral reaming tool to enlarge puncture to accept plugging tool
Step 3 Apply included rubber solution prior to adding plugging material to ease plug install
Step 4 Insert plugging material into fork end as shown
Step 5 Insert plugging tool with plug into the puncture, leaving 1/2 inch of plugging material visible
Step 6 Quickly and firmly pull the T-Handle up leaving the plug in place.
Step 7 Using the included knife, trim excess plug material flush with tire tread. Re-Inflate tire to recommended pressure.

Package Inclusion:

1 x T-Handle Insert Tool
1 x T-Handle Spiral Probe Tool
1 x Rubber Sealant
1 x Hex Key
2 x Extra Tool Bit
5 x String Plugs


With our product, you can get yourself off the side of the road and to your destination without worry. The Tire Puncture Repair Kit is easy and convenient to use even for first time users. Just keep the kit in your vehicle and you’ll be ready for any flat tire emergency!

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