Tire Bead Breaker Tool

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Experience An Easier Way Of Breaking Tire Beads!

"This tool is made very well and is heavy-duty. I wish I had this little gem years ago; my tire-changing life would have been so much easier. We live on a farm and do a lot of tire work on cars, pickups, tractors, and ATVs. We do not have a tire shop close by, so when I found this and learned how well it works, we saved lots of money and time doing the tire work ourselves.” - Stephen O.

Why Buy Our Tire Bead Breaker Tool?

✅POWERFUL: The Tire Bead Breaker is a small but powerful tool for breaking loose tire beads from rims. It does not require mounting and can be operated with hand tools. It also applies a reaction force directly against the lip of the rim and won’t bend lightweight aluminum rims from high compressive forces. 

✅VERSATILE: It comes with a removable clamp hinge pin so that the standard clamp arm can be exchanged. The extended-length clamp arm is used on cast aluminum car and truck rims with contoured or angled surfaces that the standard clamp arm can’t reach. It can stretch further down inside the rim where it is flatter allowing the arm to make good contact and easily pull the feet under the lip of the rim. 

✅DURABLE: This bead breaker tool is made of rugged all-steel construction with a grade-5 zinc-coated finish and padded clamps, making it durable and corrosion-resistant. It is well suited for automotive rims with contoured and angled features, but it works equally well on ATV’s/UTV, 4x4s, motorcycles, lawn equipment, and trailers. 


  • A 3/4″ wrench is required to drive the clamp and ram bolts.  Hand wrenches will work, but power tools are recommended. You can use an impact wrench but use caution with a 1/2″ impact to not over-torque the bolts.
  • After breaking the bead on a rim, you will need tire irons to complete the job of removing the tire from the rim. 
  • The Bead Breaker Tool will NOT work on ATV wheels that have a reinforcing ring (aka “rock ring”), such as Kawasaki KFX OEM wheels and certain aftermarket Baja racing wheels. 
  • Keep fingers away from the clamp while tightening. Keep fingers out of the gap between the bead and rim.
  • Lubricate the threads on both bolts and the ram shaft with light grease. It will keep the action smooth and reliable for years of use.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work on 18-inch run-flat tires?

A: Yes, you should be good to go on run-flat tires of any size.

Q: Will this break the bead on an SUV tire, a 265/65r on a 17" rim?

A: Yes

Q: Will this work in putting a tire back ON the rim?

A: Yes, it can be mounted loosely to the rim and act as a 2nd hand to prevent the tire from walking back over the lip of the rim; while you spoon the new tire on, and with the ram foot lowered, it effectively keeps the tire bead in drop center to aid in that process.