Telescoping Cargo Retriever

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"Every time I need to use this, I feel like it paid for itself that time. I love that I can push boxes to the nose of the bed of my truck, and when I get where I am going and need to take it out, the pole does not self-extend due to the weight of the boxes. I recently moved a lot of things to a storage unit and had bags of items. I was able to use this to grab the handles on the bags, and put them where I wanted them so they wouldn't tip over.- Isaac Allen

Why Buy Our Telescoping Cargo Retriever?

✅GRAB: The Telescoping Cargo Tool grabs, pulls, or pushes cargo from truck beds, shelves and even pulls your boat into the dock! Relieves your body from having to exert unnecessary actions, especially for senior citizens or disabled people.

✅ADJUSTABLE: The cargo tool is 3 feet in length folded and extends to an impressive 6 feet which allows you to reach most shelves and truck beds! You only need to twist the handle to unfold and extend it and you need to twist it back to lock it so it doesn’t fold back in when in use.

✅DURABLE: It is made of high-grade aluminum that features a high-quality plastic hook that is really durable. It is made with durability in mind and we have taken the extra mile to make it as long-lasting as possible.


  • To lock the pole when extended twist the notches in the opposite direction.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I tighten the pole?

A: When extended, you must tighten the pole and spin the black tightening notches in the opposite direction.

Q: What is it made of?

A: It is made of aluminum & plastic.


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