Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever

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Retrieve golf balls in no time!🏌💯

Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever

“What a very helpful item! I’d always get back pain when bending over just to pick up a golf ball, but this one changed the game. It’s telescopic so it extends your reach. No more bending over and more time in enjoying a game of golf!”

- Richard Geller

Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever

How Can This Retrieve Easily? 👌

✅  EXTENDABLE: It can be extended from 1.3 feet to 6 feet, making it easy to retrieve golf balls from the ground, water, or hard-to-reach areas.

Easily grab golf balls with minimum effort

✅  EASY TO USE: To retrieve a ball, easily scoop it using the Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever. It features an automatic locking device on the scoop that prevents the ball from dropping.

Easy to use Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever

✅  LIGHTWEIGHT AND STURDY: It only weighs around 7 ounces and its stainless shaft gives a sturdy feel, for an easy and secure retrieval.

Lightweight yet sturdy Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever

✅  DURABLE: It is made of stainless steel, preventing it from getting rust when used in water.

Durable with anti-rust stainless steel
Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever
Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can the ball grabber be attached to the pole of the retriever?

A: No, it can’t be attached to the pole of the retriever. The ball grabber is a bonus gift, and it should be attached to the grip of your golf club instead.

How to use the ball grabber
Product Specifications
    Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever

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