Tandem Stopper

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Sliding Tandems Made Easy!

"Worth its weight in gold for the amount of time saved. And it works so much better than those bad two pins with a thin bar. I ordered one of these Tandem Stoppers after breaking another one of those typical truck stoppers. This thing does the job so much better and it stays in place.- Ken Ramos

Why Buy Our Power Washer Splitter Coupler?

✅TIME-SAVER: With the Tandem Stopper you no longer need to go in and out of your truck to check if the tandem is properly aligned with the weight distribution you want for your trailer. No longer do you also need a spotter to help you align it, even with a spotter miscommunication happens all the time, this streamlines the process entirely and makes it faster and easier.

✅DURABLE: This Tandem Stopper is built to withstand the forces that will be brought upon it when it is banged against the underside of the trailer to stop the tandem from sliding. It is made to last and will be with you for a long time!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many holes to slide your tandems?

A: You would have to slide your trailer tandems toward the back of the truck with a minimum of five holes assuming each hole in the tandem slider rail moves 250 pounds.

Q: How much weight do sliding tandems carry?

A: For 4-inch spacing, you can estimate that you’ll move 250 pounds per hole and 400 pounds per hole for 6-inch spacing.


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