T-Post Puller Plate

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Remove T-Posts Easier!

"It works perfectly for removing T-posts, saved a lot of time and effort removing posts from hard ground. We used a chain attached to the bucket of a tractor and then attached to the puller. It was easy from there on; I highly recommend this tool - Julian Fitch

Why Buy Our T-Post Puller Plate?

✅ATTACHMENT: The T-Post Puller Plate is an incredibly specialized tool that is connected to chains, s-hooks, jacks, or tractors and used to connect to a T-Post and is used to grip it and remove the post. The notch design makes it grip onto the t-post easily with no need for finagling or fiddling.

✅STURDY: It is made of high-quality steel that will be able to withstand the forces put upon it by do-it-yourself people or those of a professional background. The thickness of it makes it extremely durable, it is 0.54” thick while most plates are only 0.3”. It is also additionally coated with black powder which makes it resistant to rust. This means this plate needs less maintenance and lasts longer and can be used for years to come.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this come as a pair or just one?

A: It only comes as a single plate.

Q: How big is the width of the opening for chains?

A: 1.81” width for the large opening and 0.39” for the smaller one.


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