Swift Stretch Fit Installation Tool

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Make Stretch Belt Installation Easy!

"It works just as marketed, perfect. Got it installed within 5 minutes of figuring out the configuration and positioning.” - Jerry Preston

Why Buy Our Swift Stretch Fit Installation Tool?

✅STRETCH BELT: Install your stretch belts with ease with our Swift Stretch Fit Installation Tool! Now you don’t have to use unreliable DIY solutions that can damage your pulleys, it simply clips onto your pulley and the belt goes into the grooves easily with no problems whatsoever. No chance of scratching and damaging delicate parts of your vehicle!

✅DESIGN: It has an incredibly durable build that makes it reusable and made to last even with the stresses of being used within the high forces being put out when installing a stretch belt. It fits a multitude of vehicles which makes it great not only for DIYers but also for mechanics as well, You can see the compatibility chart in the Q&A below.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What vehicles does it fit?

A: Click this link

Q: What is this for?

A: This is used for stretch belts and to make them easier to install.


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