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An Instant Table In Your Car!

Sometimes, it can feel like you spend most of your day in your car, either you're driving around or stuck in traffic. Instead of wasting time in your car waiting for someone, you want to get things done.

Whether it's working on your laptop or grabbing some lunch, you are going to need the right equipment to do this comfortably.

Why do you need a Steering Wheel Desk?

Have you thought of all the times you’re working with your computer on your lap for hours, and eating your breakfast, lunch, and many dinners uncomfortably in your car seat? 

Now, this Steering Wheel Desk is the most cost-effective way to increase your in-vehicle comfort while working or eating on the road.

This desk has 2-sides that provides a stable work surface for mobile working with your laptop or tablet computer, and the other side where you can comfortably eat a meal.

It is thick but lightweight and portable, tough enough to take the weight of your laptop. Great for Home Health Nurses, Law Enforcers, Utility Workers, Entrepreneurs, and Students!

⚠️ WARNING: DO NOT use Steering the Steering Wheel Desk when driving your vehicle


Why buy our Steering Wheel Desk?

✅ Multi-Purpose: The desk has 2 sides, one for doing desk work and another that's for eating on the go, giving you more comfortable working or eating space inside your car!

✅ Lightweight yet Sturdy: The Steering Wheel Desk weighs only at 0.352 lbs but can support up to 11 lbs of weight allowing you to flexible desk use!

✅ Ergonomic: Features a wide desk space while not making your interior feel cramped so you can have a comfortable workspace in your car!

✅ Convenient: The Steering Wheel Desk is easy to install in seconds and easy to store. Just stow away afterward!

⚠️ WARNING: DO NOT use Steering the Steering Wheel Desk when driving your vehicle

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this be put on top of the steering wheel?

A: This Steering Wheel Desk can be put on both the top and bottom parts of your steering wheel.

Q: Is this universal?

A: Yes! This Steering Wheel Desk is designed to be a universal fit for all steering wheels of all car models.

⚠️ WARNING: DO NOT use Steering the Steering Wheel Desk when driving your vehicle.

How To Use:

  1. Hook the desk onto your steering wheel to attach it for an instant ergonomic desk.

  2. Simply unhook and stow away after use.

❗ Note: It is recommended to remove steering wheel covers before using the desk. The desk may not fit the steering wheel due to the wider size of the steering wheel cover.


  • Material: ABS Plastic

  • Dimension: 16.5 x 11 x 1 inches

  • Maximum Weight Bearing: 11.02 lbs (5 kg)

  • Steering Wheel Compatibility: 14 ½ inches to 17 ½ inches

Package Inclusion:

  • 1 x Steering Wheel Desk

Working or eating from your car is rarely ideal. Still, for many of us, it’s a necessary part of the working day.

Whether you’re a businessperson regularly on the road between clients, or a ride-share driver, you can't deny that this Steering Wheel Desk will be incredibly useful for you. Get one NOW!

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