Staircase Platform

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Portable, Adjustable and Foldable 🙌

“It's easy to use and durable. I saved hundreds of dollars in rental equipment and hiring an electrician by replacing a chandelier 18' above a stairwell on my own using this. Allows you to adjust the length and height of the step, plus it has a handle to carry it. I'm looking forward to when there's a project around the house that requires a sketchy ladder reach so I can whip this thing out.” - Charles Thales

How Efficient Is This? 👌

Durable: It's made of high-strength aluminum and features a non-slip screen printing plate, and it's only 22 lbs making it extremely lightweight.

Portable: It has 2 carrying handles for easy carrying and storage. Designed with quick-release, telescopic support rails and feet that adjust the unit's length and height.

Versatile: Suitable to any staircase designs like straight and spiral stairs. The maximum weight capacity is 330 lbs.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it work with any type of ladder?

A: It's mostly used with a 4 step-ladder that will fit on that platform 

Q: What is the fully extended height?

A: The total height is depending on the step height.


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