Stair Ladder Stabilizer

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Reach Your Roof Ceilings!

"Have a bay window on the back of the house that's above a staircase. Was a nightmare to try to paint my window frames, so I bought this product. Worked great, and has plenty of settings for any height. Really made the project go well because I avoided having to use scaffolding.- Malcolm Hawley

Why Buy Our Stair Ladder Stabilizer?

✅STABILIZE: The Stair Ladder Stabilizer levels out your single, telescopic, or extension ladder on the steps of your staircase and avoids having to use scaffolding and be able to paint or decorate your home as you please. It can handle up to 1500 pounds. It is also micro-adjustable within ⅛”, and it is one of the most adaptable stabilizers in the market.

✅VERSATILE: It can be used with single or extension ladders, Type I, IA, and IAA. The maximum base width of it needs to be 22" and maximum foot size of 7.5". This makes it very versatile when it comes to the number of ladders it can be used with.

✅STAIRS: This is compatible with stairs between 4.921" and 7.875" high and between 8.268" and 13.975" deep. Most stairs are compatible with this product and can be used in between homes making it incredibly useful for professionals like painters who need to work in different home environments.

✅SECURE: It is made of high-quality aluminum that is stress tested to be able to withstand forces up to 1500 pounds. On the base of the ladder, there are specially designed anti-skid pads that make it grip onto the stairs and provide you with a stable experience. It is also compact and can be carried with your ladder easily.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • Not usable for platform ladders, step ladders & orchard ladders

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the weight limit for this?

A: It can withstand up to 1500 pounds.

Q: What size ladder is this compatible with?

A: It is compatible with ladders with a maximum width of 22” and maximum foot size of 7.5"


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