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Why do we need the Stainless Steel Gravity Hook?

If you are an adrenaline junkee, you must agree that the best things in life are the ones that keep your adrenaline running. And where else could those things be but outdoors! Where there are peaks to climb, boulders to surpass and rocks and rushing water to overcome.

Sounds sooo exciting right?! Just the thought of rocks and waterfalls and rivers and trails already makes you want to grab your backpack and start the challenge immediately. But just as it is fun and exciting, backpacking and outdoor climbing are very dangerous activities too.

That’s why you need to be prepared starting from head to toe with the right gears for such activities and of course, don’t forget about the Stainless Steel Gravity Hook! This is not just a tool to help you climb or grip onto things but a gadget you can rely to for your safety and security.

Why buy our Stainless Steel Gravity Hook?

Because it’s made durable and safe, the very first of the criteria that you should look into when choosing a gravity or grappling hook. If that reason is still not enough, then know that our Stainless Steel Gravity Hook is also very functional.

You can use it to aid you in outdoor or rock climbing or any other extreme activities but you can also use it on the daily basis at home when you need to simply pick up things, climb the roof or transfer things of considerable weight from low to a higher place and vice versa.

In fact, our Gravity Hook is very functional that with an extra bat gear tool in its feature it can easily transform from a mechanical claw to a grappling hook. With a handy tool like this, you’ll never go wrong in the outdoors! 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

  • How do I turn the mechanical claw to a grappling hook?

Once you receive the product, the package includes a gear tie that you can attach to the middle partition of the claws to easily turn it to a grappling hook. The package also includes two strong rubber rings to secure the gravity hook on its neck to hold the gear in place. Aside from this, the gravity hook has a metal lock attached on it so it can be doubly secured.

  • Are the rubber bands strong enough to support the weight of objects being carried by the gravity hook?
  • The rubber rings actually tightens on the gravity hook to support the bat gear that transforms it to a grappling hook. Now, if a person or anything likely around its weight is to be supported by the grappling hook, the answer will be no, the rubber bands will snap. But the good thing about this gravity hook is that it has a metal lock or shrapnel bolt that locks on the neck of the gravity hook to keep the gear firmly secured and support considerable weight. And so in a way, the rubber rings just act as a secondary support or option for lighter things when you don’t wanna lock.

  • What is the maximum weight that the Stainless Steel Gravity Hook can hold?
  • The gravity hook alone can support more than 66.14 lbs (more than 30kgs) and grappling hook can hold a working load of more than 170 lbs (more than 77 kgs).

  • What is the size of the product?
  • Hook size is 3.5” x 5.9” in width and length respectively.

  • Does the product have variation?
  • Yes. You can choose from package 1 or package two with package 1 including a carabiner with strong magnet end and package 2 with only the hook, gear and rings, no carabiner or magnet.

  • Is it metal that can be able to magnetize?
  • It is made up of durable stainless steel material and yes, once it’s connected to a strong magnet it can be able to magnetize other metal materials that you would want to connect to or pick up.

  • Will this really be able to pull a car?
  • In neutral, yes it can. But if the car is hanging by a cliff or if need to be pulled upwards, the grappling hook can not support it as the reason is obvious, weight of the car is already beyond its limit.

    Package Includes:

    *package 1

    gravity hook
    bat gear tie
    rubber O rings
    auxiliary hook
    storage bag

    *package 2

    gravity hook
    bat gear tie
    rubber O rings

    Keep the fun and adrenaline going with our Stainless Steel Gravity Hook. With a mechanical class that’s also convertible to a grappling hook, our Stainless Steel Gravity Hook is your number one tool for any extreme activity and emergencies.

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