Spark Plug Wire Crimper Tool

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Make Stripping & Crimping Of Spark Plug Wires Easier!

I have been making spark plug wires for years, and wow, this tool is unbelievable! It strips the wire perfectly and crimps the terminal better than the factory ones. You cannot get a better tool for this job. I wish they had this thirty years ago. I also did a pull test, and it would not come loose.” - Tony E.

Why Buy Our Spark Plug Wire Crimper Tool?

MULTI-FUNCTION: This crimper tool can easily strip, and crimp spark plug wires of 8.5mm. Its multi-functional jaw can firmly crimp single or double terminals and strip just enough insulation without damaging the wire. It is also well polished to avoid any possibility of burr that might damage the plug.

PRECISE: It has a built-in double-thickened ratchet structure that ensures precise and secure crimping every time. It also prevents over-crimping using its self-adjusting function, making it more convenient. There’s no need to repeat crimping to achieve the perfect crimping effect.

HIGH QUALITY: The crimper tool is made of high-quality carbon steel with an ergonomic handle for durable, rust-resistant, and comfortable use. Utilize this tool to quickly and efficiently strip, cut, and crimp your set of custom plug wires for a secure connection.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work on 8.0mm plug wires?

A: Yes 

Q: How to use this?


  1. Strip ¼” of sleeving from the wire by rotating it
  2. Crimp conductor tab
  3. Crimp insulation tab
  4. Wear the insulating cylinder


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