Solar-Powered Motion Sensor LED Light

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Save power and get the most advanced LED light for your home

Why do we need a Solar-Powered Motion Sensor LED Light? 

Outside lights like lamps and posts get dim and sometimes does not work well when there are rain and heavy fog. Also, it discharges easily and needs a lot of electrical power or battery power. 

Well, with the SOLAR-POWERED MOTION SENSOR LED LIGHT, you don't need to worry about its charge or changing the battery or incurring big bills because of its electricity consumption. 


Because it is easy to install and eco-friendly. No cables, no need to be installed near an electric plug. Place it anywhere you need for additional lighting and security. 

It is solar powered so you just need to put it anywhere that can get good sunlight and you are set for life.

It has long battery life. Built with two (2) lithium-ion batteries with 2,200 mah capacity that can operate up to 7-8 hours and charged via the high-efficiency solar panel.

Has a motion sensor function. It will automatically turn on when it detects enough darkness and when it detects movement near its vicinity. 

Last but not least, it is SUPER BRIGHT. Built with 118 front-facing LED lights and 6 LED light from each side (left and right) in a total of 124 super-bright LEDs that produces 1600 lumens with the extended lightning range of 270°.

Lighting Modes:

  • All lighting mode: charge in the day, auto turn on all lighting when at night. The lighting time is about 7-8 hours after fully charged. 
  • Dim light sensor mode: charge in the day, auto turn on dim light when in the darkness or at night when no motion is detected. It will turn to bright light when motion is detected and last about 15-30 seconds. 
  • Motion Sensor mode: charge in the day, auto turn on bright light when in the darkness or at night when motion is detected and last about 15-30 second.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: What is the brightness of this LED light?
Answer: It is built with118 LED lights that provide excellent illumination of up to 1600 lumens. There are six (6) additional LEDs on both sides of the solar lights which gives an extended lightning range with over 270°.

Question: Is this LED light durable?
Answer: The solar light is built with high-quality ABS material that can withstand even the harsh weather conditions. It is rated as IP65 protection from dust and water.

Question: What are the sensors built in the LED light?
Answer: There is a Light control sensor can power off the light in the day and power on in the night, and the PIR motion sensor with a bigger detection range up to 120° and longer distance at 26 feet that can be used as an additional security feature.

Question: Is it powered by battery or electricity?
Answer: The LED light is powered by two (2) lithium-ion batteries that have 2,200 mAh capacity and built with a monocrystalline solar panel that has a high-efficiency rate and can supply more power from the sun to recharge the batteries. Free from electronic cables and easy installation.

Question: How do I change between light modes?
Answer: The LED light is built with single-button control for easy operation.It is designed with three (3) lighting modes: all lighting mode, dim light sensor mode, motion sensor mode.

Package Includes:
1 x solar-powered LED lamp

No need to worry about changing the bulbs or big electricity consumption because the SOLAR-POWERED MOTION SENSOR LED LIGHT is ultimately advance when it comes to light technology. 

Simple yet advance. 

No touch, no electricity, no frequent maintenance. It is autonomous and has a long lasting life. So get one for your home now and live a worry-free life!

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