Smart Hook Pull up Bar

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Get Fit Without Going Out Your Door!

Missing out on going to the gym because of a busy schedule? Not enough living space to get a lot of exercise machines? Stuck inside and can’t get much-needed exercise?

Then this Smart Hook Pull up Bar is just what you need to work up a sweat!

Why do you need a Smart Hook Pull up Bar?

Finding time to go to the gym and exercise can be hard, if not impossible especially if you’re stuck at home. At the same time, getting home exercise tools can be expensive, both in floor space and financially.

But keeping in shape is important, regular exercise provides a lot of positive benefits to the body and the mind, and it might just be a lot easier to do than you think!

With a Smart Hook Pull up Bar, you can get a multi-use exercise machine for your whole body! In a convenient package for smaller spaced homes! From arm exercises to core and leg exercises, stay fit while staying at home!

Why buy our Smart Hook Pull up Bar?

Stable: With the Larger Smart Hook Technology, this Pull up bar will stay in place while you get your daily dose of exercise! No shaking and no worries during use!

Versatile: This isn’t just a pull-up bar! You can take it down and use it for various exercises for your chest, back, shoulders, arms, abs, obliques, and even legs exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, underhand pull-ups, and overhand pull-ups!

High Capacity: This Pull up bar can take up to 440 lbs of weight thanks to its heavy-duty construction, allowing the same pull-up capacity you would get from the gym!

Comfortable: The soft foam grip and extra thick rod ensure that a steady, non- slip grip and prevents blisters during use!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What’s the size of the doorway trim that this fits on?

A: This pull up bar is suitable for the doorway depth of 12-21cm (4.73-8.27inch); The doorway trim height is the maximum 9cm (3.54inch).

Q: Will this affect the paint above my doorway?

A: There is a chance that after repeated use the paint for the area where this is placed in will start to chip and peel away. This can be prevented by packing the Pull up Bar away after use so that it does not put pressure on your door frame for a long time. Additionally, a felt pad can be placed between the hooks and the wall to prevent the chances of this happening?

How To Use:

  1. This comes ready to use, simply hang hooks on the upper part of the outside of your doorframe and you’re good to go!

  2. This can also be used on the floor for chest, back, shoulders, arms, abs, obliques, and even legs exercises


  • Product Dimensions: 39.4 x 9.9 x 1.4 inches

  • Item Weight: 8.6 pounds

  • Fits For Door Width: 27.56” - 36.22” (70 - 92 cm)

  • Safe Weight Limit: 440 lb (200 kg)

  • Frame Depth: 4.73” - 8.27” (12 - 21 cm)

Package Inclusions:

✅ 1 x Smart Hook Pull up Bar


Don’t skip out on gym day just because you can’t go outside! The Smart Hook Pull up Bar provides a stable full-body workout in a durable and convenient package!

Get fit and stay fit! Get one NOW!

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