Smart Digital Alarm Clock

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Get you an alarm clock that will wake you a very good morning! 

Why do we need a Smart Digital Alarm Clock? 

Alarm clocks are devices to help ourselves wake up on time. But it has also been the bane of our existence because it has been a symbol of another tiresome grueling day ahead. 

Sometimes you just want to throw them into the wall to end the misery of waking up. 

But hey! Technology has now allowed us to make an alarm clock that will gently wake us up. Giving us a very good morning indeed. Not a noisy, scattered morning. 

Smart Digital Alarm Clock will be your morning assistant and sleeping buddy that will keep track of your sleep and every other sleeping detail. 

Much like your own personal robot. 

Why buy our Smart Digital Alarm Clock? 

It has a dual alarm clock setting. You could set one for weekdays and one for weekends. Or one for yourself and another for your wife or husband.

A unique snooze function. Allows you to get up after the set alarm. It will not blare sounds o repeatedly annoy you. 

Wake-up relaxed. It's so pleasant to wake up naturally in a gently illuminated room than to wake up in the pitch black with your alarm blaring.

USB charging output. Built with USB output to charge your phone while sleeping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: How does the sunrise simulation work? And the sunset too, how does it work?
Answer: The smart digital alarm clock with sunrise simulation wakes you gradually with a natural light lamp and sleep with dimming sunset. Brightness and color will gradually change from dark to sun-bright or vice versa. The sunrise and sunset simulation clock will help you have a restful sleep and more refreshed when you wake up. 

Question: How many alarms can be set the wake-up light?
Answer: The smart digital alarm clock has two alarms, and each can have sound and/or light. The 2 alarm options make it great for setting weekends. Snooze button allows you to snooze and get up after the set alarm. FM radio function can also be set as an alarm.

Question: Does it have different sounds that I can set? 
Answer: There are seven (7) kinds of natural sounds that can be set as the alarm sounds, ocean waves, thunder, soothing music, brook, summer night, rain and wind. Wake up slowly with the natural sounds better than the beeping or ringing sound of a regular alarm clock or mobile phone.

Question: Can the color be set or change with the alarm?
Answer: The smart digital alarm clock is designed with seven (7) different colors light and 20 levels warm light. You can use it for different occasions such as night light, reading light or atmosphere light. 

 Package Includes:
*1 smart digital alarm clock

Wake up relaxed and smiling with the Smart Digital Alarm Clock. 

No more blaring sounds or annoying repetitive sounds. It will now always be a good morning everyday! 

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