SJ 24V-2AMP-SK1 Battery Kit

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Style: Battery Only
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How Does This Charge You Up? 

✅HIGH CAPACITY: This Battery is equipped with high-capacity cells with no-fade power for maximum job performance with your Snow Blowers!

✅ SAFE: This has thermal, over-voltage, over-current circuit protection with a built-in battery status indicator. Charge whenever you want without having to drain the battery or wait for full charge before use.

✅ HASSLE-FREE: This is great as a backup battery with our Cordless Snow Shovel Kit! No gas, oil, tune-ups, pull-cords, or tangled extension cords! With an option to get with a charger that is designed to work specifically with 24V Li-Ion Battery. Equipped with thermal, over-voltage, and over-current circuit protection, the charger safely charges and recharges your iON+ battery without any risk of battery pack damage.

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