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Sidings Removal & Installation!

"If you are the kind of person who just might want to replace that piece of siding you warped by having the grill too close, you need this tool. This particular brand is robust and up to the job. I used mine successfully first try. Good value, handy tool.” - Johnathan Rogers

Why Buy Our Siding Removal Tool?

✅EFFECTIVE: This siding removal tool removes vinyl or aluminum sidings easily with its hook and longer handle that comes up to 7” which is longer than the industry standard and gives it more leverage to transfer more power to remove sidings with less effort! With its design, it doesn’t damage the vinyl and you can use it to check on the sidings with no problem.

✅NON-SLIP GRIP: The non-slip grip of the product makes it easier to use in less-than-ideal situations where there are liquids or you have sweat on your hands from removing multiple pieces of sidings.

✅DURABLE: This product is made in high-quality one-piece steel and has a reinforcement design on the bend which can withstand abuse from professional or amateur work.

✅INSTALLATION: While removing sidings is the main function it also helps in installing sidings, you only need to hook the edge of the vinyl siding, pull it down, and then push it in saving you time by only using your hands!

❗ Reminder ❗

  • This tool only works with vinyl or aluminum sidings.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it work on wood sidings?

A: No, this product is made for vinyl & aluminum sidings.

Q: Is this a one-piece design?

A: Yes, it is a one-piece design.


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