Semi-Truck Quarter Fender

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Protect Your Tires With These!

"The fenders are easy to install and the fender part is durable. The mounting kit that comes with it has everything you need to install it.” - Kevin B.

Why Buy Our Semi-Truck Quarter Fender?

✅SLEEK: This Semi-Truck Quarter Fender will provide your tires the protection it needs from dirt, mud, and road grime while also providing you with a quiet, sleek, and elegant aesthetic. It is also perfect for covering those truck tires that only have the back of it jutting out from the sleeper cabin.

✅EASY:  Installation is easy. The fenders can be installed by first letting the air out of the suspension. Ensure the new fenders are well-sized for the truck. Align the fender and install brackets into position, while maintaining a space between the tires. Tighten the screws and check to ensure the fender is secure.

✅ROBUST: This quarter fender is made of thick durable polymer made to resist bad road and weather conditions. It is also chip, dent, and scuff-resistant! It will last you a long time and it will last as long as your semi-truck!

❗ Reminder ❗

  • This product is for semi-trucks only, not full-sized trucks

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it fit a ram 5500?

A: No, these are for semi-trucks

Q: Does the mounting kit have the brackets that mount to the truck?

A: Yes, the standard mounting kit contains the brackets for mounting it to the truck.


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