Scraper Service Set

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Easily Strip Paint and Adhesives From Your Window!

"Makes removing stickers and decals much easier! Very easy to grip and done the job faster!" - Alexander G.

Why Buy Our Scraper Service Set?

✅EASY TO USE: It's suitable for removing adhesives (decals and stickers) or paint from glass or metal surfaces like windows and windshields. Use the long-reach scraper to remove decals and stickers from windows and windshields and use the safe guard scraper and short (stubby) standard razors to strip paint, caulk, glue, and more.

✅CONVENIENT: With 25-degree offset heads and short handles, you can easily get into hard-to-reach areas with no problem. Made with rubber-coated scraper handles to ensure a secure, comfortable grip as you cut and scrape for less user fatigue and more productivity.


  • You can store all included replaceable razor-type blades in the long-reach scraper handle.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long is the safe guard scraper?

A: It's 5 inches long.

Q: Are replacement blades included?

A: Yes there are replacement blades included.

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