RV Winterizing Blowout Kit

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Easily Get Your RV Water System Winterize!

“I just used this to winterize our outdoor bathroom. It was always such a hassle to use a blow gun to winterize our system, but using this kit, made everything very convenient. I leave it attached while opening each valve to blow the water out. It is very easy to assemble, install, and use. It is a must-have if you want to save your pipes and successfully winterize your water systems.” - Cole E.

Why Buy Our RV Winterizing Blowout Kit?

CONVENIENT: This kit can easily winterize your underground irrigation sprinkler system, outdoor pipes, water lines, homes, cabins, faucets, and more by blowout method, preventing them from any damage caused by freezing.

EFFICIENT: It is equipped with a 13.7” flexible hose, a shut-off valve with a 1/4" air compressor quick connect plug, and 3/4" male and female garden hose connectors that are suitable for your RV, camper, travel trailer, and more. It also has a maximum pressure level of 300 PSI, ensuring you can successfully winterize your system.

DURABLE: The connectors are made of high-quality solid brass with a flexible reinforced synthetic rubber hose, making them durable, wear-resistant, and weather-resistant. The hose can also be bent at 360° without any kink and easily accessible to all the tight spaces.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Suitable for air compressors over a few gallons?

A: It is suitable for air compressors above 2 gallons.

Q: How much PSI should be applied to the hose?

A: The maximum pressure of the hose is 300PSI; as long as it does not exceed this pressure, it is all right.

Q: How to use this kit?


  1. Screw the water pipe to the female/male side and connect the plug to the quick connection of the air compressor line. 
  2. Turn on the air compressor and rotate the valve to open or close the hose. 
  3. Adjust the air flow rate to blow out the water from the pipe.


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