RV Stabilizer Jacks

Pack: 2-Pack


Keep your parked RV safe and steady with stabilizer jacks!

Tired of all the shaking when moving inside your RV? Worried about possible injuries or damage from an unstable trailer?

Keep calm and keep your RV stable with these RV Stabilizer Jacks!

Why do you need RV Stabilizer Jacks?

More than being uncomfortable, shaky and wobbly trailers can be unsafe. People run the risk of falling and injuring themselves or things falling off of shelves and desks.

Costs for both injuries and damages can get expensive. Not to mention, who wouldn’t want to sleep in a shake-free trailer compared to one that rocks you awake every time someone goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

That’s why you should take a look at our RV Stabilizer Jacks


stabilizer rv jacks

Why buy our RV Stabilizer Jacks?

Sturdy: Made of 11ga thick steel, these jacks can take a load of up to 5000 lbs each, making sure that it keeps even the biggest trailers settled in the harshest conditions.

Adjustable: With an extended length of 24” and 5” retracted length , these stabilizer jacks leave you plenty of space to work with even with a high or low undercarriage.

Increased Comfort: These jacks can provide up to 50% less shaking compared to factory issued stabilizer jacks!

Easy to Install: With both screwing and welding as installation options, the choice is up to you! It even comes with the screws you’ll need, giving you less hassle!


stabilizer jack

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How will I know if this fits under my trailer?

A: Make sure to measure the gap between the bottom of your trailer and the ground before buying this. As long as it is between the retracted height of 5” and extended height of 24” it will fit. If the space is too big, you can use leveling blocks to add more height.

Q: How many jacks should I put under my trailer?

A: It depends on the size of your trailer but 4 is usually good enough to keep your trailer steady and stable. But for larger vehicles, don't hesitate to add more.

How To Install:

1.Put one jack under the space where you would like to attach it.

2. Extend the jack by cranking the lever or using a drill bit to turn the magnetic hex.

3. Stop extending once the jack fits snugly between the ground and the bottom of your RV.

4. Drill screws into the drill holes placed on top of the jack. You can also choose to weld the jack into the bottom of your RV.

NOTE: You can use bolts to tighten the screws further.

5. Once the jack is secured underneath your RV tightly, you can retract it by cranking the lever or turning the magnetic hex in the opposite direction.

6. Do the same for the other jack by installing it in the desired area under your RV.


  • Do NOT start the RV with the jacks still extended.

  • These jacks are meant to be used for stabilizing and leveling your trailer. Do NOT use them for lifting the trailer.


  • Product Dimensions:

    • Extended Height: 24"

    • Retracted Height: 5"

    • Retracted Length:26"

    • Width: 7.5"

  • Item Weight: 20 Lbs

  • Carrying Capacity: 5000 lbs per Jack

  • Steel Thickness: 11ga

Package Inclusions per variant:


  • 2 x Stabilizer Jacks

  • 1 x Crank Handle

  • 1 x 3/4" Hex Magnetic Socket

  • 8 x 3/8" Mounting Screws

  • 1 X Extra Matching Socket


  • 4 x Stabilizer Jacks

  • 16 x 3/8" mounting screws

  • 1 x  9/16” socket

  • 1 x 11/36" mounting hole drill bit

  • 1 x  Drilling guide sticker set

  • 1 x crank handle

  • 1 x 3/4" hex magnetic socket

RV’s and trailers shouldn’t just be steady while moving, it’s not a stretch to say that they need to be more steady when parked. Which is why many RV enthusiasts and campers go for the stability that these stabilizer jacks offer!

Provide comfort, safety and reliability by getting these RV stabilizer jacks NOW!

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