RV Generator Fuel Filter

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The Best RV Generator Fuel Filter!

"Works amazing, my fuel filter was beginning to wreck my engine because it didn't filtrate properly and it was new. This though did the job perfectly, really thankful for that.- John Hines

Why Buy Our RV Generator Fuel Filter?

✅POWERFUL: It filters out 98% of what may come through the filter. It is incredibly powerful that it can filter out debris that is 10 microns in size or bigger. It filters out carbon, sand, dirt, and metal debris and keeps your oil clean and engine running.

✅PERFORMANCE: Because of its powerful filtration, the high-flow design improves engine performance. Blocks out impurities that may cause engine damage and keeps the fuel flowing smoothly.

✅EASY INSTALLATION: The RV Generator Fuel Filter is incredibly easy to install, you do not need to uninstall or remove any electrical components inside the generator. You only need to unscrew the original fuel filter, making sure to have an oil pan below it and cleaned before it is taken out, and then screw this fuel filter in. It’s that simple!


  • If the filter element is not replaced for a long time, it will aggravate the mechanical wear. To fully protect the engine from progressive damage, please replace the filter regularly.
  • Replace OE Number: BF-806, P55-0888, 33063, 3063, F50033, PF-888, TP-888, ALG-888, 86063, FP-888, P77-9307, FF236, 25010487, 1492513.
  • Applicable Generator Model: HDCAA (Spec A-D), HDCAB (Spec A-D), HDKAH (Spec A-K), HDKAJ (Spec A-K), HDKAK (Spec A-K), HDKBA (Spec A-E), HDKCA (Spec A-F), HDKCB (Spec A-F) Quiet Diesel.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to change the fuel filter regularly?

A: Yes, to protect your engine from progressive damage you must replace it regularly. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to know when to change it.

Q: What are the compatible generator models?

A: The compatible generator models are HDCAA (Spec A-D), HDCAB (Spec A-D), HDKAH (Spec A-K), HDKAJ (Spec A-K), HDKAK (Spec A-K), HDKBA (Spec A-E), HDKCA (Spec A-F), HDKCB (Spec A-F)


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