RV Blackout Door Window Cover

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Stop The Sun From Waking You Up In Your RV!

"Most of these products are either fully attached or not. This one however has Velcro down the sides that keep it attached to the door window. It’s also thick enough to provide extra insulation when you’re running heat or A/C. I find that virtually no adhesive-backed Velcro sticks that well to fiberglass, but in this case, it’s still going after almost a year.- Maria R.

Why Buy Our RV Blackout Door Window Cover?

✅EASY TO USE: You don’t need any extra tools. You only need to attach the velcro straps to the door window frame and once all of it is attached, stick the shade onto it firmly. That’s all you need to do, no extra steps.

✅EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: With the RV Blackout Door Window Cover, you can experience amazing light dampening and the cold stays in the RV while the heat goes out to provide you with a refreshing atmosphere not usually found outdoors. You can get some privacy on camping sites where there are multiple people as well.

✅ADJUSTABLE: The panel can be adjusted by pulling away a section of the shade from the velcro straps and folding it upwards or downwards depending on your preference, the magnets inside will hold the folded shade. Customize your lighting situation outdoors!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can it be used for other doors other than RVs?

A: It can be used on doors for homes, boats, and other places. Though the shade dimensions might not fit other doors, you can still partially block light as needed.

Q: Is the RV Door Shade waterproof?

A: Yes, it is made of oxford cloth and waterproof. It is designed to be used outdoors, you can be assured of its durability.


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