Roofing Safety Kit

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Style: pass-through leg straps
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Keep Yourself Protected!

"My roof has a pretty decent pitch. I've had to climb up there a few times to caulk around windows and fix facia after wind storms. I still don't like heights and climbing up there, but I feel safer with this on." -David Jackson

Why Buy Our Roofing Safety Kit?

SAFE: The whole package to keep you safe while doing roof work! Includes a universal full body 5 point safety harness, a reusable roof anchor, a 50-foot vertical lifeline rope with a rope grab and attached personal shock-absorbing lanyard plus a storage bucket to protect the kit.

DURABLE: The 50 foot 5/8” vertical lifeline rope with one locking steel snap hook is made of high-strength co-polymer twisted rope and is compatible with any safety harness D-ring. The reusable roof anchor is made of galvanized steel with stamped D-ring. Each has a breaking strength of 5,000lbs. 

ADJUSTABLE: It has 5 easy adjustment points to ensure a safe and comfortable fit for a wide range of body types. The harness features a single dorsal D-ring with pass-through legs and is compatible for quick and safe connection. The harness is also capable of carrying a combined weight of 130 to 310lbs or 59 to 140kg.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the harness have a size?

A: The harness is adjustable(torso, chest, and legs) and universal, it can handle a weight of 130 – 310 lbs. (59 -140 kg).

Q: How long is the rope?

A: The rope is 50 feet long.

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