RGB Headphone Stand with USB Hub

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RGB Headphone Stand with USB Hub
“This is a great addition to my gaming setup! Really wanted to have an RGB headphone stand and this was perfect for me. Plus, it comes with a USB hub.
I highly recommend this!
- Alex Deutch
RGB Headphone Stand with USB Hub



  • This headphone stand can be used to conveniently store your headphones. It includes a 2.0 USB port for USB charging, or to plug in your mouse, keyboard, gamepad, USB headset, and more! 
  • It is also equipped with a backside hook to wrap and store cables when not in use.
Backside hook

✅   RGB LED LIGHT: It also features RGB LED light with 9 lighting effect modes to create an amazing setup.

RGB LED light with 9 effects

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I change the color of the light?

A: It has a button at the bottom back part of the stand. Press it once to change the light modes and long press to turn on/off the lights.


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