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It matches my RGB keyboard and mouse, and they all shift through the light spectrum in sync with the pad's design! The material is extremely soft, comfortable, and of excellent quality. I would highly recommend this mouse pad!

-Dylan Boyd

What’s Great About This Mouse Pad? 🧐

Connect Easily: It comes with a USB cable that you can plugin and there is no need for a driver. The LED modes can be easily changed by pressing the button. The brightness of the RGB light can be changed by double-clicking the button. The light can be turned off by pressing the button for three seconds.
RGB Gaming Mouse Pad features
How to change lights for RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

Aesthetic: The RGB Gaming Mouse Pad is very appealing. It has 14 lighting modes, including 7 monochromatic light modes, 1 RGB Alternating mode, 2 RGB Breathing modes, and 3 RGB Running modes. 

14 Lighting Modes of RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

Comfortable: It has a non-slip rubber base holds it securely when attached to the desktop. Made of superfine fiber braided material with a micro-textured base, smooth surface, and accurate navigation without warping, allowing the mouse to travel smoothly around the pad. 

Anti Slip Rubber Base of RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
Sleek Design: It can cover the entire desktop and leave enough room for movement since its large design. The Gaming Mouse Pad has a Reinforced Stitched Edge and 5mm thick Nylon Thread stitching around the edge to keep it from being scratched up and breaking. 
Waterproof Design of RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
Smooth and Sleek Gaming with RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

🧾 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I clean the RGB Gaming Mouse Pad?

A: The RGB gaming mouse pad is easy to clean and simple to dry thanks to the water-resistant layer and spandex fiber. Simply wipe the mat clean with a paper towel or wet towel, and it will be ready to use again.

Q: When I use the mat, how does it keep my hand from slipping?

A: This base will tightly grasp the desktop without slipping because it is made of ultra-thick Nano-textured rubber.

RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Product Specifications
RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Package Inclusions

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