Reusable Traceless Hooks (10 pcs)

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Why do we need Reusable Traceless Hooks?

Hooks, in general, are useful but they are surely a sight for sore eyes. You have a clean flawless wall then suddenly you see cheap looking or sharp and deadly looking hooks or we do have those ornate ones that look too grandiose that it is so out of place already.

Then, to add to that unnecessary design, those hooks are easily removed or they are drilled. Impractical and destroys your wall.

We can’t seem to find a simple but ultimately useful and long lasting wall hooks.

Good thing we have the Reusable Traceless Hooks.

Why buy our Reusable Traceless Hooks?

Because what we have does not skid off the wall. They are super adhesive and they can be reused over and over again.

They can carry upto 13.2 lb of weight. That’s a lot if I must say. They are transparent so it can fit the style of any wall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

How does this stick to the wall?
The genius behind this is the silicone PVC transparent super adhesive material. It sticks to the wall without leaving any sticky trace like what adhesive tapes leave behind.

Can this really carry 6 lb of weight?
Ideally and realistically, it can carry upto 6 lb of weight. It was tested and tried already.

Will this stick to any surface like wood?
Yes, it will. So you can have a handy hook wherever you want.

Does the adhesive run out?
Nope! Just wash the back adhesive and let it dry then it will stick back as strong as ever.

Package Includes:
*10 pcs of Traceless Hooks

Hang your clothes anywhere anytime without making your home look cheap or shabby!

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