Refrigerant Quick Coupler Adapter Kit

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Quick Connectors For AC Work!

“I noticed that my fairly new connectors were difficult to get on and leaked. So, I bought this kit. These are colored aluminum on the open/close knob but appear to be made of heavier metal on the silver connector ends. They weigh a little more and do what they’re supposed to without having to play with them to get the connectors on tight. Happy to get a quality part.” - Robert A.

Why Buy Our Refrigerant Quick Coupler Adapter Kit?

EFFICIENT: These couplers are ideal for connecting with basic or advanced manifold gauges and serving on automotive AC refrigerant recharge work. They are high and low-pressure couplers that can be opened or closed and have O-rings inside, ensuring a completely airtight seal to prevent refrigerant leakage. The kit also comes with ¼” male adapters for easy connection.

CONVENIENT: They are equipped with an accurate snap lock, 5 ball bearings, and knurled grip ring, which makes them convenient to operate and pop ON/OFF. They are also made of aluminum and nickel-plated bronze for durability, high abrasion, and chemical resistance. 

APPLICATION: Designed for AC R134A refrigerants, which can be used in AC charging, diagnostic checking, and car service, including foreign and domestic cars.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work on a 1999 Ford F-150 pickup?

A: Yes

Q: I have a set of yellow jacket home gauges. Will this fit my manifold set?

A: Yes


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