Refrigerant Can Tap Valve Kit

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Great For All Type Of R134A Cans!

“I had an old pierce can tap that was not working on the new cans. This kit lets you adjust the pin so the new refrigerant can open easily. It’s a quality fitting and clean connection with no leaks. I will recommend this kit!” - Tyler Costner

Why Buy Our Refrigerant Can Tap Valve Kit?

RELIABLE: These can taps work for all R-134A cans you can find! It doesn't matter if it is the new EPA-required self-sealing freon can or the old-style single puncture bottle; we got you covered. It also comes with a converter that will convert ¼” flare can tap to ½” ACME, allowing our kit to work with all manifold sets.

HIGH QUALITY: Both the refrigerant can tap valves are made of brass instead of aluminum for more durable and long-term use.



  • The kit also comes with a valve core remover tool that works on all Schrader valves from a compact car to a full-size Truck.
  • Only add R-134a to the low side (blue). "R134A flow" depends on the pressure differential between the can and the system. The can "cools" and the pressure drops as you add it to the system, slowing the flow of gas. Some people flip the can over and add liquid to speed things up, but if the liquid doesn't disperse before the compressor, it can destroy the compressor. The slowing is not due to the valve or any other tool, it is just how it works.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it work for the Honda Accord low-pressure port?

A: As long as it is R-134A, it will work. Some vehicles use R-1234YF, and it will not work for those vehicles.

Q: Can it be used for R134a tank fittings for a 30 lb car?

A: Yes


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